Class Date & Time Who To Attend Objectives Course Content
Domestic cook & Steward Training






Chef Patricia Lyons



Wednesday 16th November  9.00am- 12.00noon


Culinary Academy, Raymond Njoku Road, Ikoyi

·       Home cooks

·       Private chefs

·       Stewards

·       House helps

The Objective of the workshop is to teach processes for hygiene systems, the basic principles of food production, to teach cooking techniques that improve flavor building and creativity while combining ingredients in the kitchen. This course would go further to teach kitchen and dining etiquette and service, table setting, food presentation and entertaining. ·       Food & Personal Hygiene.


·       Table setting, food presentation and service.


·       Intermediary to Advanced cooking skills enhancement.


·       Cooking Demonstrations.


·       Menu & Recipe Creation


Food Service Professionals






Tiyan Alile



Wednesday 16th November 1.00pm- 4.00pm


Cityhall, Catholic Mission Street, Lagos Island

·       Caterers

·       Aspiring Hospitality Professionals

·       Restaurant Owners

·       Restaurant Managers

·       Executive Chefs

·       SME Managers in hospitality

The Objective is to teach Food Service Professionals the principles and processes that can be implemented to improve the quality and maintain the consistency of service; enhance seamless operations and improve profitability, differentiate each business with knowledge of trade secrets and all together excel in the industry. System Processes for effective:


·         Operations

·         Purchasing,Inventory, Storage

·         Hygiene

·         Production Costs


Modern Techniques for:


·       Brand Enhancement

·       Restaurant Floor Setting

·       Restaurant Styles

·       Wine Knowledge

·       Plating & Presentation Styles

Etiquette and Hospitality Service Training






Mobola Koya




Wednesday 16th November  9.00am-12.noon


Cityhall, Catholic Mission Street, Lagos Island

·       Waiters/Waitresses Maitre d’

·       Concierge

·       House Keeping Staff

·       Hostesses

·       Event Organisers

The objective of this course is to provide the hospitality industry with a steady stream of competent men and women with the necessary knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to occupy key operational positions. ·       Importance & Functions of Housekeeping

·       Guest satisfaction and repeat business.

·       Front of the house and back of the house Processes.

·       Food & Beverage Service

·       Attitudes & Attributes of Food & Beverage personnel, competencies, Basic Etiquette.

·       VIP Handling and Protocols.







Iquo Ukoh



Wednesday 16th November



Cityhall, Catholic Mission Street, Lagos Island


Hospital Kitchen Staff,


Private Cooks,

Food Enthusiasts, Restaurant & Hotel Cooks.

The objective of this training is to teach various ways food can be made and presented using the freshest produce to preserve its nutritional values and taste appealing.
Extraordinary People -Customer Service Training





Bisola Longe

Wednesday 16th November




Cityhall, Catholic Mission Street, Lagos Island

·       Customer Service Reps

·       Front Desk/Line

·       Waiters

·       Hostesses

·       Event Planners


The objective of the training is to provide fundamental understanding of true service delivery and to understand the basics of appearance, presentation and component of an extraordinary service provider. ·       Customer Relations

·       True Service Delivery

·       Appearance, Presentation & Comportment

·       Customer Perception and Building of Rapport